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Related post: Origin of New Order Azithromycin Online Sporophyte Azithromycin To Buy or Diploid Plant from Buying Azithromycin Fertilized Egg. The fertilized egg now rapidly divides and redivides to form octant cells. The octant cells further divide to produce anteriorly a stem rudiment (one cell), first leaf (two cells), second leaf (one cell) and, posteriorly, root rudiment (one cell), foot rudiment (two cells) and hair rudiments (one cell) . Growth of Seedling into Mature Sporophyte. The foot rudiment develops into the foot which obtains nourishment from the prothal- lium, upon which the young sporophyte is for a time parasitic. The root rudiment becomes the first root which grows downward into the -soil. The stem and leaves turn upward. In a few weeks the prothallus decays and the sporophyte is established as an independ- ent plant. More roots and leaves (fronds) are developed and ere long continued growth results in the formation of a mature sporo- phyte which presents for examination: (i) a subterranean stem bear- ing several roots; and (2) arid fronds, each of which consists of a Where Can I Buy Azithromycin stipe or petwle and a lamina or blade, the latter divisible into pinna or lobes and pinnules, upon which last sori are developed. Alternation of Generations. It will be observed that in the life cycle of the Male Fern there occur two distinct generations, one, a sporophyte or asexual generation which begins with the oospore and ends with the dispersion of asexual spores; a second, the gametophyte or sexual generation, Purchase Azithromycin beginning with the protonemal outgrowth of the spore and ending with the fertilization of the egg to form an oospore. The sporophyte gives rise to the gametophyte which in turn gives origin to the sporophyte. Order Azithromycin CHAPTER III LIFE HISTORY OF A GYMNOSPERM (PINUS STROBUS) The White Pine frequently called the Weymouth Pine (Pinus Strobus), one of the principal timber trees of the Northern States PIG. 19. Transverse section of white pine stem ot four years' growth, showing cork (a), cortex (&), phloem (c), cambium (d), xylem (e), secretion reservoir (/), pith Where Can You Buy Azithromycin (g) and medullary ray (&). (Photomicrograph.) X34O. and Purchase Azithromycin Online Azithromycin Purchase Canada, is also of value in pharmacy and medicine. The inner bark of its trunk and branches is used because of its valuable ex- pectorant properties and is official in the N. F. IV. 45 4 Cheap Azithromycin 6 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY DESCRIPTION OF THE WHITE PINE TREE (MATURE SPOROPHYTE) From an underground Azithromycin Buy spreading root system there arises an erect aerial trunk or stem that extends from the ground to the apex of the tree, ending in a terminal bud. The Buy Azithromycin trunk rarely exceeds Where To Buy Azithromycin 3 feet in diameter and 125 feet in height and is averagely ij^ to 3 feet in PIG. 20. Transverse section of white pine needle (leaf) showing epidermis (a), infolded parenchyma cells of mesophyll (b, &') oil reservoir (c), endodermis (d), clear cellular area (e) surrounding fibro vascular tissue in center (/). X4OO. diameter and 50 to 90 feet high. At a varying distance above the soil, depending upon environal conditions as well as the age of Buy Cheap Azithromycin plant, whorls of lateral branches (three Azithromycin Where To Buy to seven in a whorl) are seen ema- nating from the trunk in horizontal fashion at various levels up to near the apex. These become, under conditions prevalent when the tree is grown in the open, gradually shorter until the summit is LIFE HISTORY OF A GYMNOSPERM 47 reached, giving to the crown or upper part of the tree the appearance of a pyramid. These branches give rise to other branches which Azithromycin Online agree with the lateral branches in bearing, commonly, only scale Generic Azithromycin like leaves as well as in ending in terminal buds. Another kind of branch, however, is found which is always shorter than the scaly branches. This type of branch is called a "spur shoot" and arises FIG. 21. Staminate cones of the Austrian pine (Pinus austr iaca) . Below, before shedding pollen; above, after shedding. (Gagerj from the former branches. The spur shoots bear the needles or foliage leaves which are light-green, when young, and bluish-green, soft, flexible, 2% to 5 inches long, when mature. The "needles" occur in tufts (fascicles) of five, are triangular in cross-section, have finely serrate (saw-toothed) edges and are surrounded at the base by a deciduous sheath. These foliage leaves persist until the end of their second year, when they are shed with the Buy Azithromycin Online spur shoot which bears them. The white pine, like most of its allies among Where Can I Purchase Azithromycin the Coniferae, How To Buy Azithromycin bears cones. These structures are of two kinds, viz. : staminate and car- pellate. Both kinds are produced on the same tree. 4 8
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